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Coeducation is education for life. Naturally

Junior School


All Saints’ College Junior School is proud to be a coeducational environment committed to meeting the needs of every student. We believe this approach helps students learn from each other while developing the interpersonal skills needed to succeed. A number of studies have shown that students from coeducational environments tend to be more confident than their counterparts.

The student cohort at All Saints’ College consists of 400 boys and girls with classes double streamed from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6. Within the Junior School we believe that children should feel safe at all times, and be treated with respect and kindness while gaining resilience and developing a sense of responsibility.

Students are encouraged to be enthusiastic participators and contributors in the College and community. Students learn in an environment that teaches them to be thoughtful in their actions and be active learners to further their education.

Early Childhood Curriculum

We take a balanced approach in our curriculum in our Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 early learning program, based on the social constructivist theory. Group collaboration and subject immersion creates a learning environment that naturally engages children to actively explore the world around them.

This approach focuses on students during their most important years. As one of the best primary schools in Perth, we take our commitment seriously to encouraging students to have a positive attitude to learning, including when they are challenged to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of any given body of knowledge or set of skills.

Years 3 – 6  Curriculum Information

All Saints’ College is committed to providing a balanced curriculum that challenges students in all areas. Our teachers focus on providing a range of experiences that gives students numerous opportunities to challenge themselves and collaborate with others on group projects. We believe this approach deepens critical thinking skills and develops problem solving strategies for students.

We seek to celebrate the uniqueness of each child and encourage self reflection to gain self knowledge, as well as an appreciation of how each one best learns, what they most value, and how they can most effectively contribute and achieve success. Students are taught to confidently express themselves and respect the viewpoints of others.

Pastoral Care

As one of the best primary schools in Perth, we take pride in our pastoral care. We are firmly committed to supporting our students in all aspects of College life and personal development. We employ a rigorous process to ensure the quality and integrity of our staff members. An ongoing goal of ours is to make sure each student feels safe and secure in our school.

pdf  Student Protection Policy

Additional Learning Programs

The level of support we provide extends to all areas of our school. All Saints’ College has a number of programs available including an ‘Opportunities’ Program to help students advance their knowledge in areas they find interesting. We believe that exposing students to different areas expands their skillset. All Saints’ College offers a number of extracurricular activities for students to partake in a relaxed manner.

We encourage students to continue to be curious, ask questions, and develop strategies for research and enquiry, while giving necessary attention to basic skill development. We work hard to deliver programs that inspire children while meeting the needs of each gender and their different interests and abilities.

Our team of enthusiastic classroom teachers are at the centre of this commitment, dedicated to pastoral care and encouraging the growth of confident, capable, and resilient young people.

Dean of Junior School

Mrs Penelope Crane