Giving and Philanthropy

All Saints' College Junior School students

Leave Your Legacy


At All Saints’ we greatly appreciate the importance of a supportive community. This support is significant to us not only in terms of helping us achieve our goals, but also in modelling for our next generation the importance of philanthropy. 

We see examples of this generous spirit every day in the life of our College – so many people giving of their time and expertise, donating in-kind items for the benefit of our students, offering funds for various causes, and so on. 

Ways you can give  

Below are some of the vehicles through which you can provide your financial support for All Saints’ College. 

The JM Wright Bequest Society

Leaving a gift in your will can help transform the lives of young people through a quality All Saints’ education. The JM Wright (JMW) Bequest Society was established in 2023 to recognise the generosity of a growing number of staff, alumni and friends who have pledged support to All Saints’ College through a gift in their Will. 

Membership is open to anyone who confirms their intention to leave a bequest to the All Saints’ College Foundation in their Will. Should you choose to help support future All Saints’ College students through a gift in your Will, you will become a member of this special group which will form lifelong bonds through a shared commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.


College Foundation

Established in 1987, the Foundation has its own constitution and a Board of Directors which is charged with the responsibility of prudently managing its investments. The Strategic Plan (2023-2026) is the first Strategic Plan to be adopted by the Foundation, and provides the framework for ongoing governance, investing activities, development and community engagement.

The Foundation is committed to growing its investments to safeguard against any future financial crises; and to provide strong and regular returns to the College for programs and initiatives.


College Funds

ASC’s Scholarship Program is an integral way in which we can continue to foster diversity and excellence – two of the proud hallmarks of our College. To learn more about the types of scholarships the College offers, please click here. 

ASC's Library Fund supports our Junior and Senior school libraries’ (known respectively as Nexus-J and Nexus-S) initiatives and growth, specifically in the digital and STEM spaces.

The Voluntary Building Fund allows the College to undertake important capital projects around the campus that are on our ‘to-do list’, but which may not otherwise be possible due to the demands placed on our finite resources. Recent examples include air-conditioning the Chapel, enclosing the Canteen and CCTV cameras. 


Why support us? 

Like all independent colleges, our school’s day-to-day operational expenses are met by a combination of fees paid by our parents and grants from State and Federal governments. We acknowledge the many sacrifices made by our community and the generous government support we receive, and we use these funds wisely. 

This support is critical in allowing the College to maintain its high standards of teaching and learning, and its commitment to the continuous improvement of resources for our young people. 

There are many vehicles through which you can support the College financially. To discuss possibilities, please contact Ben Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, on +61 8 9313 9333 or