JM Wright Bequest Society

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What is the JM Wright Bequest Society?

The JM Wright (JMW) Bequest Society was established in 2023 to recognise the generosity of a growing number of staff, alumni and friends who have pledged support to All Saints’ College through a gift in their Will. 

Membership is open to anyone who confirms their intention to leave a bequest to the All Saints’ College Foundation in their Will. Should you choose to help support future All Saints’ College students through a gift in your Will, you will become a member of this special group which will form lifelong bonds through a shared commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.

Members of the JM Wright Bequest Society will maintain a close and enduring connection to the College by: 

  • Receiving an exclusive JMW pin, numbered with your unique membership number; 
  • Invitations to JMW events, advance tours of new facilities and special events; 
  • Being kept up to date with key All Saints’ College initiatives and projects; 
  • Receiving complimentary tickets to All Saints’ College productions and performances; and 
  • Acknowledgement publicly (if desired) 

All Saints’ College Foundation welcomes gifts of all sizes. Every gift in a will makes a lasting and meaningful difference, supporting the College’s vision for the education of young people to make a positive difference in the world. 

We graciously recognise Leonie Baldock as the Patron of the JM Wright Bequest Society, whose mother, Jennifer Mary Wright, made a significant gift to the College in 2017.


Make a positive difference 

For many people, a bequest is the most powerful and meaningful philanthropic contribution they will ever make. A gift in your Will to the All Saints’ College Foundation will provide a lasting benefit to future generations of students and help us to plan for the College’s future with confidence. While tuition fees and government funding cover the cost of day-to-day operations, they do not allow for the constant development, refreshment and enhancement essential to the delivery of our educational vision for 

The All Saints’ College Foundation was established in 1987 to foster and encourage the spirit of philanthropy and enable the College to continue to develop its facilities, create innovative learning spaces and provide scholarship opportunities for those who may not otherwise be able to afford an All Saints’ College education. 

A bequest to the All Saints' College Foundation in a Will helps to ensure that we can continue to provide the very best education for our students for generations to come. Bequests to All Saints' College typically support one of the following areas: 

Support for writing Wills with our partner, Gathered Here

All Saints’ College Foundation has partnered with Gathered Here, Australia’s most trusted online Will platform, to help you write your Will for free. 
We know that traditional estate planning can be costly and time consuming, but All Saints’ College supporters who write a Will via Gathered Here can do so for free, in a matter of minutes. Wills can also be updated for free as many times as you wish. You do not have to include a gift to All Saints’ College Foundation to claim your free online Will, but we hope you will consider supporting the College. 


It is not essential, but we do encourage you to notify us of your intentions so that we can gratefully acknowledge your intentions, keep you up to date with regular communications and events, and provide you with the opportunity to join the JM Wright Bequest Society.

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