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Values & Vision

ASC Strategic Planning

To Serve with Wisdom and Courage

Our Mission

All Saints’ College, in partnership with its families, community and the Anglican Church, empowers students to develop their potential, becoming confident, compassionate and committed to worthwhile service to the local and global communities.

Our Vision

Making a positive difference in our world

Our Values

Empathy: seeking to understand the perspective and experience of others
Respect: for self and others, for community and environment
Integrity: acting with moral strength and grace, guided by humility and compassion
Courage: to be our best selves

Our Future, Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023

Building on the work of our previous plan (2014 – 2018), and all those plans that came before it, Benang (a Noongar word meaning ‘tomorrow’): Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023 strives to ensure the College continues to build its place as a world-class provider of a contemporary education in a caring and supportive community. An e-version of Benang is available at the following link, for your information:

All Saints' College Reconciliation Plan 2021