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All Saints' College students'

All Saints' College has had netball teams competing in local community competitions since 1983. The ASC Netball Club was formed approximately six years ago, supported by a committee of teachers and parents, committed to see the development of our players in the sport of netball.


Each year, the ASC Netball Club forms teams ranging from Years 5 to 12 to participate in the Fremantle Netball Association (FNA) Junior Competition. These teams train at least once a week at All Saints' College throughout the week and play a match every Saturday as part of the FNA regular season fixture. The FNA netball season runs every winter from May until September each year.

Each team requires a parent coach and team manager to guide and mentor our students whilst embracing the College Ethos of Empathy, Respect, Integrity and Courage.

Our club is participation based and whilst winning is fantastic, we encourage our students to play with dignity and fair sportsmanship. ‚Äč

Please contact our Sport Administrator for any further enquiries.