All Saints' College students'

In Year 12, at least one pair of course units must be chosen from List A and at least one pair of course units must be chosen from List B.


(Arts, Languages, Social Sciences)                             


(Mathematics, Science, Technology) 

Chinese 2nd Language (ATAR) 

Dance (ATAR) *

Dance (General)*

Drama (ATAR) *

Economics (ATAR)

English (ATAR)

English (General)

English AL/D (ATAR)

French: Second Language (ATAR) *

Geography (ATAR)

Health Studies (General) 

Literature (ATAR)

Modern History (ATAR)

Music Contemporary (ATAR) *

Music Western Art (ATAR) *

Politics and Law (ATAR)

Visual Arts (ATAR)*

Visual Arts (General) *

Accounting and Finance (ATAR)

Applied Information Technology (ATAR)

Applied Information Technology (General) – Yr 11 ONLY

Biology (ATAR)

Chemistry (ATAR)

Computer Science (ATAR)

Design (Photography) (ATAR)

Design (General)

Human Biology (ATAR)

Human Biology General 

Mathematics: Applications (ATAR)

Mathematics: Methods (ATAR)

Mathematics: Specialist (ATAR)

Mathematics: Essentials (General)

Outdoor Education (General)

Physical Education Studies (ATAR)*

Physics (ATAR)

Psychology (ATAR)


Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approved qualifications offered on campus


CUA20220  Certificate II in Creative Industries

SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality

SIS20513 Certificate II in Sport Coaching

 BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills (Business)

10661NAT Certificate III in Applied Language (French Context)

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

SIT30516 Certificate III in Events 

CUA31015 Certificate III in Screen and Media

The Certificates will be available to Year 10, 11 and 12 students with, in some cases the Certificate II needing to be completed before embarking on the Certificate III. 


NB: Although the above on-campus offerings will be offered in 2023, Gateway Pathway students will still be encouraged to apply for off-campus Certificates that best reflect their post-school career pathways plans. Gateway Pathway students may also select from the on-campus offerings on the proviso their WACE requirements are addressed.


Please see the separate Vocational Education and Training (VET) Handbook regarding Certificates being offered at All Saints’ College in 2023, by clicking HERE.


* These courses have both written and practical examinations.