Service at All Saints’ College

All Saints’ is focused on building a healthy College community and providing a holistic education for its students. We work hard to build a sense of belonging within the life of the College, which naturally overflows to our care and concern for wider society and the environment.

As a College we are involved in many events each year that are supported by students, staff, former students, parents and the Parents & Friends’ Society.
Each year the College responds to natural disasters and the sudden needs of people affected by such crises. The College does this by fundraising for charities involved on the ground, which can get much-needed aid into the area as soon as possible.

We regularly support the Red Shield Appeal, 40 Hour Famine, Operation Christmas Child and the Anglican Board of Mission, to name a few.

We supply Easter Eggs to underprivileged children each year, food for Anglicare and All Saints’ Parish hampers are also given to those in need.

The College Environment Group is made up of dedicated students and teachers who work and care for the Bull Creek nature reserve, weeding, mulching and doing rehabilitation work in the area.

The College also supports students and schools in third-world countries by reaching out to those who don’t have the privilege of education and facilities that we might sometimes take for granted.