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All Saints' Future Problem Solving team selected for nationals

A team of four Year 8 students from All Saints’ College is one of only five groups from Western Australia to qualify for the National Finals of the Future Problem-Solving Program Australia.

To win, student teams research complex topics of global importance and learn a six-step creative problem-solving process which they use to address, critically analyse and solve an imagined situation set in the future.

The team was given a scenario, set 26 years into the future, which explored the idea of people earning ‘merit points’ for certain activities that they could then use in different areas of society for privileges – similar to gamification.

Year 8 All Saints’ team member, Olivia Loke, said the group had to balance ethical and technical problems to deliver their app-based solution.

“We identified the challenges associated with this statement and brainstormed ideas to create an action plan to help solve a major underlying problem,” said Olivia. “In developing our solution, we considered the futuristic possibilities of technology, government authority, environment and economy as well as which solution has the least negative side effects and which solution is the least expensive.”

Head of ICT Integration at All Saints’ College, Mr Greg Port, mentored the students and was proud of the effort they invested in their spare time.

“The students showcased outstanding collaborative and organisational skills throughout the process as well as powerful future-focused thinking—they have done an excellent job to get this far,” he said. “The program encourages young people to become responsible global citizens, well-equipped innovators and socially conscious changemakers as they tackle issues impacting the success of future generations.”

The National Finals take place on Friday, 16 October and teams have two hours to tackle another future scenario, then deliver their solution inside a three-minute video presentation.

The awards ceremony will be held online on Friday, 23 October.


Future Problem Solving Team Members: Emma Burton, David Duff, Olivia Loke, Sunishka Verma (Year 8).