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ASC Teacher Named one of Australia's Rising Stars

Mr Scott Corbett, Head of Catalyst: Centre for Service and Social Enterprise at All Saints’ College, has been named as one of the nation’s Rising Stars in education for his innovative approach to teaching and learning, with a focus on positive social change.

Scott said he was honoured to be one of 32 educators, and only one of four West Australians, selected for The Educator’s Rising Stars list, an accolade that recognises emerging leaders in education who are making an impact in the industry.

“I am very honoured to be acknowledged on a national level for the work that Catalyst has achieved,” Scott said.

“I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with inspiring young minds and support them to make a positive difference in our world.”

Scott’s passion for making a positive difference led him to his latest innovation in service learning—taking the College’s existing program Catalyst: Centre for Service and Social Enterprise, an innovation in its own right, and developing it into a student-led not-for-profit entity.

With an emphasis on real-world learning and developing empathy in young people, Scott works with students across the College to help them create and operate their own social enterprises, with tangible outcomes for real-world problems in areas such as disability, youth services and homelessness. He has helped students create projects to support the College’s service learning partners, such as sensory walls for aged care services and virtual reality tours for The Salvation Army.

Scott also helped develop a new course at the College this year called Innovation and Leadership, which sees Years 9–11 students complete a Certificate II in Business and work directly with professional organisations to create student businesses to maximise social impact.

“I am incredibly grateful for the many staff and students who have given their time and effort to the many projects within Catalyst, and for the service partners who so generously allow us to share their journeys with them,” Scott said.

During the peak of the COVID pandemic last year, Scott sought to keep students and staff connected to their community and developed new programs that provided support for vulnerable members of the community. He also assisted the Year 12 Student Council to create and hand-deliver hampers and care packages for frontline workers at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Scott’s service and enterprise initiatives at the College raised more than $50 000 in 2020 and included over 5 500 hours of service for a range of charities across 40 different programs.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved so far, and I look forward to seeing what the next phase of Catalyst will look like in years to come,” Scott added.

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