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Celebrating Year 12 WACE results for 2020

Dear ASC community members

I know many members of our Class of 2020 have been more relaxed than is usual in the lead-up to the release of the ATAR results, and with well over 50% of our eligible cohort receiving early offers soon after the end of Term 1 (and the vast majority of those being guaranteed / unconditional offers), this is hardly surprising!

With the results now in, we are pleased to celebrate with our Class of 2020 and our community some outstanding WACE results.

ASC is proudly a non-selective school - we believe there are as many measures and definitions of ‘success’ as there are students at our richly-diverse College - but it is at this time of year that we acknowledge and celebrate some wonderful academic achievements on both state- and nation-wide scales.

In that regard, we are proud to announce that:

  • 6 percent of All Saints’ eligible Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 26 percent of our Class of 2020 achieved an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 36 percent of ASC students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above.

According to TISC, the median ATAR for the state this year is 81.65 and our College’s 2020 median ATAR is 86.35. 

(It is worth noting at this point that All Saints’ median ATAR, the data used to determine the academic ‘league tables’, is affected by the important fact that, unlike many schools, All Saints’ College chooses not to impose strict pre-requisites on our students’ entry into WACE certain subjects. Obviously, this decision inevitably impacts our median ATAR, but it is for us an important principle of inclusion - allowing our students to pursue their passions – and one to which we are committed.)

2020 Dux and Proxime Accessit

We celebrate with ATAR Dux, Remi Hart, who achieved a score of 99.7, and with our 2020 ATAR Proxime Accessit winner, Travis Gauntlett, who achieved 99.6.

Subject Exhibition

We congratulate Lisa Williams who was awarded the Subject Exhibition for Politics and Law for achieving the highest exam mark in Western Australia.

Subject Certificates of Excellence

Subject Certificates of Excellence - recognising the top 0.5% of candidates based on their examination mark - were awarded to:

  • Geography: Amelia Starling
  • Physics: Travis Gauntlett
  • Politics and Law: Lisa Williams

Well done to these students, and to all our Class of 2020 for the impressive way in which they have balanced their academic pursuits with active participation in, and service to, their community/ies.

On that, our 2020 course Dux, Ellen Smith, writes:  “I have decided to pursue Medicine at university next year – however, my experience with entrepreneurship and innovation at the College has encouraged me to expand my goals beyond simply this one pathway. Through incredible opportunities such as the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Education Camp in China, as well as my leadership role as Enterprise Captain, I have developed a passion for business and enterprise which I hope to carry into the future – exactly what that will look like for me, I am yet to discover!”

Reflecting on his All Saints’ journey, our 2020 ATAR Dux, Remi Hart, writes: “From the outset, I enjoyed the diversity of the All Saints’ family and the variety of possibilities offered.  This allowed me to experience new things with new people - ASC Basketball Club; state and national robotics competitions, two trips to Japan, the live streaming team and the theatre crew. I’ve had further opportunities in developing others – mentoring in robotics, coaching basketball, helping others at the TSC. These experiences are the warm, enjoyable addition to the ‘cold’ academics of the school curriculum. Helping with someone’s tech problem or homework is always rewarded with a smile and a happy face. I have learnt that I can use my own skills to help others - and I really enjoy doing that.” We are delighted that Remi has received an offer to study a Masters of Engineering combined with a Bachelor of Automation and Robotics, and wish him well with this.

And fellow Class of 2020 member, Lisa Williams, who topped the state in Politics and Law, shares a similarly broad ASC experience: “I took advantage of the cocurricular opportunities offered by participating in cocurricular dance every year, doing interschool debating and mock trials, as well as playing the viola in different ensembles. I was also honoured to be on the House Council for a number of years and Durack House Captain this year under the guidance of compassionate Heads of House and Tutors who have shown me what it is to be a leader.” Lisa’s studies in Politics and Law fuelled her interest in the Australian political and legal system and she is looking forward to pursuing a career serving the community in the Australian public service.

We again thank, congratulate and wish well all the members of our Class of 2020 as they now embark upon the next chapter in their learning and lives. We look forward to their continued association with their alma mater through the Old Saints’ Association and by their ongoing active participation in the life of our College: Boordawhan!*

Warm regards

Belinda Provis

*Boordawhan: Noongar for ‘until we meet again’