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All Saints' College Announced as Employers of Choice 2023

We are proud to announce that All Saints' College has been named one of The Educators 5-Star Employers of Choice 2023, recognising ASC as one of the best workplaces in Australia. 

The Employers of Choice 2023 Award sees schools across Australia present their initiatives and achievements across a number of key areas with submissions including both quantitative and qualitative evidence to demonstrate a school’s performance as a leading workplace. The award celebrates “trailblazing schools that are offering competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, mental health support and nurturing a culture of inclusion and respect, redefining what it means to be a great employer.”

ASC was recognised for being a champion of diversity and leading with a strong commitment to align the community through rich and provocative strategic planning processes, creating great clarity regarding the College’s unique philosophy. ASC was also recognised for being guided by its values – empathy, respect, integrity and courage – which are part of all actions, interactions and collaborations. While having a strong heritage, the College embraces its relative youth to be innovative, nimble and agile, allowing it to pivot in response to change.

As well ASC's future-focused approach to education, incorporating innovations such as Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI) and The Studio School, it is the commitment to creating a safe culture that helped the College stand out. A culture that encourages all community members to feel comfortable with their vulnerability and to take measured risks in the pursuit of creating new and better ways of doing things.

All Saints' College is featured in a special report: