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All Saints' College Robotics Earns a Spot in RoboCup International

The All Saints' College Robotics Club has been inspiring and empowering students for two decades and is now making waves on the global stage. 

One Year 12 team has earned an invitation to the prestigious RoboCup International 2024, set to take place at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands from 17–21 July this year. 

The team are currently fundraising to help facilitate this remarkable opportunity. If you would like to help support our team, you can do so HERE.

All Saints' Robotics Club has a rich history of success, having competed and triumphed in multiple State and National competitions across three divisions. The club's stellar performance has secured its place as a powerhouse in the world-renowned RoboCup, a testament to the dedication, skills, and collaborative spirit of its members.

All Saints’ College Year 12 students Kerry Cao, Emma Burton, Taryn Lee, Ben Tang and Riley Snook make up ‘Buff Bunny’—the team competing in RoboCup International. The students have been involved in the Robotics Club during their time in both the Junior and Senior School at ASC, with some members starting their robotics journey as early as Year 5 and have competed in a range of local and national competitions.

At RoboCup International, the team will be one of 400 teams from 45 countries competing at the highest level. The global event, known for fostering innovation and excellence in robotics, will host 3,000 participants, with an anticipated 50,000 visitors. Buff Bunny is the only team representing WA.

“We feel very excited to have the amazing opportunity to participate in the 2024 International RoboCup Competition, and we are proud to represent Australia in showing the world our robotics skills on the global stage,” said Kerry, on behalf of the team.

“This is an incredibly valuable opportunity for us to broaden our knowledge in the field of robotics, and to collaborate and establish connections with both students and adults from other countries who are also strongly passionate about STEM.

“We also feel incredibly grateful towards everyone who has supported us in our robotics journey so far,” she added.

Beyond the accolades, All Saints' Robotics Club sees its participation in RoboCup International 2024 as a pivotal opportunity to contribute to the growth of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in Australia. By showcasing the skills of their talented members, the club aims to inspire and motivate a new generation of students passionate about STEM fields.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of the Year 12 team heading to the Netherlands is the inclusion of three talented female students. The club believes that their participation will serve as a catalyst for increased engagement and participation of women in STEM. These girls will not only be representing the College but will also become role models, inspiring other girls within the College community to pursue their interests in science and technology.

“This event will allow us to bring our newly gained experiences and skills back to Australia, which we hope to benefit us in our future careers and the whole STEM industry,” said Kerry.

“The All Saints’ College Robotics Club is a great learning environment to explore the multiple aspects of robotics and to collaborate with like-minded peers and has enabled us to take a step further into STEM and facilitate many skills that are beneficial to whichever path we choose for our futures.”

As the All Saints' Robotics Club prepares to showcase their skills on the international stage, the community eagerly anticipates the impact they will make, both in the competition arena and in inspiring future generations of STEM enthusiasts.

Donna Hatton, ICT Help Desk Lead at All Saints’ College and the Robotics Club mentor, said herself as well as other staff, parents and former students who help run the Robotics Club are extremely proud of the students for their achievement as well as their ongoing mentorship of younger students.

“We take immense pride in our exceptional student leaders, the collective achievements of our club, and the remarkable accomplishments of our team,” said Donna.

“Within our club, these senior students play a crucial role in mentoring younger members, creating a culture of knowledge-sharing both within our club and throughout the RoboCup community,” she added.

While the team and the All Saints’ College community are looking forward to the team’s performance at the competition, for the Robotics Club, it represents much more.

“Our invitation to RoboCup International is testament to the club’s dedication and excellence,” said Donna.

“Participation in the International RoboCup competition presents a unique opportunity for our team members to further hone their STEM skills, as well as their abilities in teamwork and collaboration.

“These skills are vital for future careers, especially in the field of STEM, and by equipping our students with these skills, they can strive to innovate and develop STEM-related projects in the future,” she added.

RoboCup is the premier championship for robotics, founded with the aim of sharing knowledge and accelerating developments in robotics. This World Cup is being organised for the 27th time and features 17 competitions across five categories. In addition to showcasing their skills and competing against the world's best, RoboCup also serves as a meeting place for decision-makers and influencers who seek to accelerate necessary innovation in AI and robotics across domains such as healthcare, agriculture, energy, and transportation. The event combines immersive competitions and presentations from organisations aiming to contribute to high-tech solutions for a better society.