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News – Teacher Wins Mathspace Award | All Saints’ College

All Saints’ College Mathematics teacher Hannah Mast has been announced as one of just 20 national winners of the Mathspace ‘Transformative 20’ award for 2021.

The Mathspace ‘Transformative 20’ recognises exceptional teachers across the nation who model the use of technology to enhance and differentiate learning, and who are committed to continual improvement in a volatile environment.

Celebrating exceptional teachers and students, Ms Mast was chosen from more than 8 000 teachers nationally for her efforts in shaping the future of maths education and making valuable contributions to the school community.

Ms Mast said she was delighted to receive the award. “I love what I do, and I enjoy seeking out the best ways to engage students, so it is an absolute honour to be recognised on this scale,” Ms Mast said.

“All Saints’ College’s progressive approach to integrating technology in the classroom allows us to ‘flip’ learning and give students a greater sense of agency and control and Mathspace is one of the tools helping us do that.

“So often people say they are ‘so bad at maths’ or that they ‘hate maths’ because they have never engaged with it in a way that motivates them; and I believe so much of this comes from when the cookie-cutter approach doesn’t meet a student’s needs.”

“As a maths teacher it is my privilege not to be the single source of wisdom in the room but to show students all the things maths can do and to show them what they can achieve.”

Mathspace provides students with instant feedback, adapts the question difficulty to students’ previous work, and highlights top questions for the teacher to address.

Accessible via the web or through apps, Mathspace puts engagement, meaning and personal progress at the centre of maths learning.