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ASC College Captains for 2024

We are delighted to announce that Year 11 Students Cameron Anthony and Katie Biddulph have been elected to represent the College as the College Captains for 2024. We congratulate them on this significant achievement and eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will have in the upcoming academic year. Katie writes:

“Recently, I have been forced to accept the harsh reality that, in a little over a year, my time as a student at All Saints’ College will come to an end, and I will be graduating alongside the people who have made my journey at this school so special.

Starting out as a tiny little kindergartener, I’m sure my five-year-old self would never believe that eventually I would turn into one of the “big kids” in Year 12. I feel extremely grateful that I am now one of the big kids, and that I can be a role model for the younger students at the College! Personally, the College Captains were some of my biggest role models, and I always admired how brave they were to speak at assemblies. I now know that leadership is so much more than just giving speeches, but I am still in awe of the admirable service that previous College Captains have given to this school, making this College such a special place to be.

I have been surrounded by the wonderful staff and students who create such a welcoming, positive environment at this school. The classmates who turned into friends and the teachers who turned into mentors helped guide me through tumultuous times and gave me a reason to come to school every day. All Saints’ has such a commendable focus on inclusion and fostering a sense of belonging, and I strongly believe that this has encouraged me to say ‘yes’ more often, which has opened so many doors to allow me to expand my talent. The variety of cocurricular activities offered at the College has pushed me to try new things, meet new people and discover my passions. Service is something that I hold extremely close to my heart, and the College’s various partnerships with Nulsen, Anglicare and Amana have allowed me to get involved in these programs and make a positive difference in our world.

2024 promises to be filled with excitement, challenges and once-in-a lifetime memories. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my time at this school, and I look forward to being able to represent you as a College Captain! Cameron writes:

“Year 12…the culmination of a student’s life at school. It is slowly settling in that, in just a few months, my classmates and I will be in Year 12. This seems hard to believe, as I can distinctly remember the first time I set foot in my Year 7 class as a (small) naïve young kid.

The uplifting, progressive environment that is All Saints’ has been pivotal in shaping me and my peers into proactive, ambitious young adults. We are so fortunate to learn in an environment where opportunities are prevalent, and it is our utmost obligation to grab every opportunity with two eager hands and make the most of it.

Since joining the College half way through Year 5, All Saints’ has been a home away from home. The staff and students helped me and so many other students settle in and feel welcome in the environment. Throughout my journey in Junior School and Senior School, I have observed and looked up to the older students. By doing this I have learnt several important lessons about leadership. Firstly, it isn’t just an accolade; it is an important job requiring much hard work and determination. Secondly, leadership is as much a science as it is an art. To me, it is the ability to have a positive influence on all those around you; however, it is different for everyone. Thirdly, leading proactively is the key to unity and progress in a team. Finally, a good leader should always have an open mindset, willing to grow and improve. This last point is a cardinal element of leadership. Throughout my time representing the College as Captain, I will strive to keep a growth mindset, and implore my peers to do the same.

It is an exceptional honour to be a 2024 College Captain. Furthermore, Katie and I are lucky to follow in the footsteps of Div, James and all previous Captains. The journey ahead will have its ups and downs, hardships and victories. But this is my pledge: to be an uplifting, enthusiastic Captain for the entire All Saints’ Community.”