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ASC Students Lara and Zipporah Earn Prestigious ACC Letters

We are thrilled to announce that Lara (Year 10), and Zipporah (Year 12) have achieved ACC Letters, the highest individual accolade awarded by the ACC, following their outstanding achievements in AFLW and Athletics.

To be eligible for ACC Letters, students must be selected for an ACC All-Star team in the same sport for specific durations:

Athletics, Cross Country, or Swimming: Four years minimum
Basketball, Cricket, Netball, AFLW, or AFL: Three years minimum

Being chosen for an All-Star team means a student has been selected to play for ACC representative sport (in Zipporah's case, AFLW) or they are the best in the state at athletics, cross country or swimming (in Lara's case, athletics). This is an achievement in itself, but to do this for consecutive years is outstanding.

Receiving ACC Letters is not only an acknowledgment of these students' outstanding achievements but also grants them membership into the exclusive ACC Letters Club. 

We are incredibly proud of Lara and Zipporah for this remarkable accomplishment and wish them the best in their future sporting endeavours.