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Facilities Operations Centre Construction Hits New Heights

Anyone taking a visit down to the College oval over the past several months will have been greeted with an exciting view of the rapidly progressing Facilities Operations Centre.

Built on the site of the former Grounds Shed near the Junior School Carpark and Aquatic Centre, the College’s new Facilities Operations Centre is a modern and expansive building that will house ASC’s Grounds, Maintenance and Facilities Team. The new building and location will make for a more collaborative and cohesive campus, as well as allow this team to continue their outstanding hard work in ensuring the College campus not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly. The team is currently situated in various locations around ASC’s 19-hectare campus which provides several complexities for the team and their interdependencies.

The new facility will feature large workshop spaces, a mezzanine storage area, bright staff rooms and offices and neat storage for machinery and equipment. Plenty of action takes place behind the scenes every day at All Saints’ College and the facility will also house a Theatre Workshop and a central retrievals hub for vital support operations that are managed every day, such as goods and service contractors.

Since December 2022, a significant amount of progress has been made and the construction is nearing the final stages with Practical Completion in sight.

With the steel work and concrete work now complete, the office spaces and internal fit outs are underway. The building has taken shape since the beginning of the year with the completion of roofing and external cladding half complete.

Any construction project is an impressive feat with several distinct milestones. A key milestone for this project is the new Junior School Carpark which will see 52 new parking bays with improved vehicle access, making the College more accessible and safer for the entire community. In recent weeks, the earthworks for the carpark as well as kerbing has been completed, with the asphalt scheduled to be laid shortly. The new carpark will be situated on the site of the former Grounds Shed, extending the current carpark and significantly improving families, visitors and staff members’ experience from the very first second they journey to the vibrant Junior School.

The construction of FOC is part of a multimillion-dollar project focused around the establishment of a innovative Childcare Centre on the ASC campus, about which more information will be coming soon.