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Future Together: Introducing ASC’s new strategic plan

At All Saints’ College, we are passionate advocates for a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Our dedication to crafting this future takes a significant step forward as we proudly introduce Boordakan Dandju – our 2024 to 2028 strategic plan that is our guiding framework, shaping both our long-term vision and our daily commitments.  

Boordakan Dandju, which means ‘Future Together’ in the Noongar language, encapsulates our commitment to placing relationships at the heart of everything we do, embracing a human-centred approach that honours the grace and dignity, the uniqueness, of each individual in our community; where every young person – where everyone – feels visible and valued. 

At ASC, we appreciate that our young people are not ‘citizens in waiting’ but rather highly capable ‘citizens of the here and now’ with much to contribute. As part of that, College staff understand that the notion of success is unique to each individual, and that there are as many measures of success as there are young people in our College. This commitment sees us exploring and brokering for each young person relevant courses, opportunities and pathways to help them pursue their aspirations and achieve their goals. 

In support of that integral brokering process, Boordakan Dandju also commits us to maintaining our porous borders between the College and the wider community, strengthening connections and networks in the interests of our young people, helping them to explore beyond boundaries, to be comfortable with uncertainty, to embrace the power of maybe, to be change-makers who find excitement in the challenge of opportunity. 

Building on Benang (Noongar for ‘Tomorrow’), our previous strategic plan, Boordakan Dandju is our collective vision, shaped through consultation with our community, and we are pleased to share with you this framework that is guided by, and makes space for, all about which All Saints’ College is passionate. 

As we step into this exciting phase of our journey, we invite the entire ASC community to join us in embracing these strategic initiatives. Together, we look toward a bright future, shaped by our shared vision, efforts and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of our young people and the wider community. 

Read the full strategic plan, artwork designed by Samara Ainge (Class of 2022).