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Katie Takes the Leap for Charity at Central Park Plunge

We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible bravery and compassion of our 2024 College Captain Katie, who recently abseiled 130 metres down the Central Park Tower as a participant in The Central Park Plunge

The Central Park Plunge is a charitable fundraising event aimed at supporting various charities in WA. Over the last seven years the event has raised a staggering $3,868,000! This year Katie added to that figure by raising an impressive $5,188 for Anglicare WA, and securing a place as the fifth-highest individual fundraiser overall. 

Even more impressive is that Katie was the youngest participant there and to add a unique twist to the experience, she teamed up with the oldest participant, Don who is 85 years young. 

Katie's enthusiasm and dedication did not go unnoticed, as she was interviewed by ABC radio and represented the College exceptionally well. 

Over the past two years Katie has raised a total of over $15,000 for Anglicare, establishing herself as an inspiring example of the positive impact our students can have on their community. Well done, Katie!

The recording of Katie’s ABC interview can be found HERE. The relevant times are: 

  • 18:40–22:00
  • 1:06:50–1:08:55
  • 2:41:46–2:54:48