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Languages Week Celebrations

Languages’ Week, celebrated in Week 3 of Term 3, was the perfect occasion to highlight the cultural vibrancy of our College. This special celebration provided a platform to honour the two languages taught at the College, and to explore the rich tapestries of French and Chinese cultures.

The festivities reached their peak during lunch when students enthusiastically engaged in a diverse array of activities. From the art of crêpe flipping to the precision of pétanque and the dexterity required for the chopsticks challenge, laughter and friendly competitions filled the air.

Adding a dynamic to the week, students participated in a Martial Arts demonstration showcasing the discipline characteristic in Chinese culture. Meanwhile, the tunes of "La vie en rose" and "Frère Jacques " echoed through the campus as students sang along, with the French artist, to the evocative melodies. These performances infused a festival-like spirit into our annual cultural celebration.

Languages’ Week was not just an opportunity to delve into linguistic diversity, but also a reminder that embracing different languages and cultures fosters unity and appreciation.