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Old Saint Bayan Massoudi Features on Channel 10's Top Rated Reality TV Series

The College would like to shine a spotlight on Old Saint Bayan Massoudi, from the class of 1995, who recently featured on Channel 10’s top rated reality TV series Hunted.

HUNTED is a competition series that follows nine teams of two as they are "fugitives" on the run from highly skilled detectives. Fugitives are released from a common location at the start of the hunt, with an overnight bag and $500. Each pair attempts to use their wits to evade capture for 21 days in the state of Victoria.

24 hours before the end of the hunt, the remaining fugitives call a given phone number to access information about the "extraction point", a location they must reach by the end of the hunt. Any fugitives able to evade capture and make it to the extraction point in time win a share of the grand prize of $100,000.

Friends for 14 years, Bayan and his teammate Eesha were extremely motivated and entertaining throughout their appearance on the show, managing to evade capture for an impressive 17 days. The duo came so close to taking home a piece of the $100,000 prize money, making it down to the last few teams to be caught by the expert hunters.  

Bayan currently works as an engineer, but has worked with the Department of Defence, WA Police, Department of Justice and co-ordinated security at events involving Queen Elizabeth II and Michael Jackson. He was also in the Army for seven years.

Reflecting on his experience on the show Bayan says, “Between all my work in defence forces and security, I felt it gave us leverage into what tactics would be used against us and the knowledge to find countermeasures to defend Eesha and I from those attacks. But curiosity got the better of me and they sent the whole army in to capture us!

“So now for the fun part. I loved being in the spotlight and not working my 9-5 as an engineer, so I hope to continue this once in a lifetime chance to be a recognised household name! What a fun way to provide for my growing family.”

Despite Bayan not making it all the way in this season of HUNTED, Bayan was extremely grateful for his experiences and thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show. He is now looking to dive into the world of film, radio and television as a presenter, commentator, TV host, or just about anything else on camera!