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Professor Yong Zhao Visits ASC to Explore the Future of Learning

After a hiatus of several years, All Saints’ College and Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute were delighted to welcome back to Perth the Institute’s patron, friend of the College, and education transformer, Professor Yong Zhao.

Professor Zhao toured the Junior School, exploring the innovative learning practices taking place every day throughout the classrooms and spoke with the excited students about their ideas, upcoming Inquiry projects and the lens through which they view the world.

Professor Zhao then headed to the Senior School where he met with a range of students from all years who discussed their innovative projects they are exploring both in the classroom and beyond, including business ventures and social enterprises. Professor Zhao provided fresh insights and advice to the students, highlighting the significance of aligning their projects with their interests and passions. 

The College's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship students then joined Professor Zhao for a delicious lunch where they shared their exciting projects, thoughts on different learning models, and ideas for the future as Professor Zhao posed the complex question: you have another 90 years ahead of you - what are you going to do with it? 

All Saints' College and Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute were then excited to host a seminar at The Studio School for over 40 educators with Professor Zhao to ask some important questions and challenge our thinking about how schools and educators can best serve our young people to ensure they thrive in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

A prominent leader in the field of educational research, U.S.-based academic and 21st century learning specialist Professor Zhao has a strong focus on the importance of a paradigm shift in education and that a move away from traditional measures of success and narrow models of learning is vital for the future of learning. Zhao's work explores the concept that each learner should be treated as an individual with their own talents and aptitudes, advocating for a “strengths-based” approach that celebrates uniqueness and diversity. 

ASC's approach reflects Zhao's ideas around education and the importance of it in preparing and shaping people for the real world. The College thanks Professor Zhao for his ongoing relationship with ASC and for being so open to sharing his thought-provoking ideas and supporting our young people as they navigate the complex world.