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Riding High: New Bike Storage Facility on Campus

The Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance Teams were very busy during the April school holidays with updates around the campus in preparation for welcoming back our students.

A brand new bike storage facility was installed at the end of last term which our students will be able to continue to enjoy this term. Fully fenced, secure and roofed, the new facility will help keep all bikes safe and protected. With the increased popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters in Perth, the facility also features two power points for students to charge their e-bikes and e-scooters throughout the day.

Students access the locked storage space with their encoded student cards, ensuring bikes and scooters stay safe while on campus. The central location of the facility, between B and G block, allows for easy access for students to push their bikes on campus after arriving and can easily move to their classrooms or spaces in which they start their day. 

With a significant number of students riding to school daily, an expanded and secure storage area was a must. The contemporary facility slots neatly onto the campus and encourages more students to ride to the College, knowing their bikes can be safely secured and protected from the weather.