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Zoe Receives Prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

We are delighted to share that Year 12 student Zoe was recently awarded the prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, at Government House. This remarkable accomplishment is the culmination of three years of dedication and commitment to service, skill development, physical activity, and adventurous journeys.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a leading structured youth development program, designed to empower young Australians aged 14–24 to explore their full potential and discover their purpose, passion and place in the world. Regardless of someone’s location or circumstances, the Award aims to provide a platform for personal growth and development. 

To earn the Gold Award, participants must complete activities in each of the following four areas:

Service: Involves volunteering and giving back to the community. This could be through activities like helping at a local charity, working with the elderly, or participating in environmental conservation efforts.

Physical Recreation: Encourages participants to improve their physical fitness and health. This could involve activities like sports, dance, fitness training, or outdoor pursuits.

Skills: Participants choose a skill they want to develop and dedicate time to mastering it. This could be anything from learning a musical instrument to developing photography skills or improving cooking abilities.

Adventurous Journey: This involves planning, training for, and completing an adventurous journey in a group. This could be a hike, a camping trip, or a challenging expedition that helps participants develop teamwork, leadership, and outdoor skills.

Completing the Gold Award is a significant achievement and demonstrates a commitment to personal development, leadership, and service to the community.

This is an incredibly special achievement. Congratulations, Zoe!

You can learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award on their website. Any students wishing to start participate in this award are encouraged to contact Ms Samatha Rees on