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College Foundation

All Saints' College Foundation

With its sights firmly set on the long-term secure financial footing of the College, the Foundation’s central object is to “raise and collect funds” for the College and, to this end, it oversees a range of investments.

The Foundation was established in 1987 and has its own constitution and a Board of Directors (see below) who are charged with the responsibility of prudently managing the investments.

While the Foundation is committed to growing its investments in order to respond, for example, to a significant future financial crisis for the College, it also provides annual grants to the College for a range of smaller-scale initiatives and projects.


On this, in 2020 the Foundation contributes to, amongst other projects and commitments:

  • Indigenous scholarships
  • Bursary support for families in financial crisis
  • Restless Curiosity (a support fund for our staff’s ongoing learning)
  • Academics-in-residence program
  • Intern program (for our Class of 2019)
  • Djaaliny, our community learning forum
  • Year 12 Valedictory dinner
  • ECC’s new nature playground
  • Mirrors in our Dance Studio
  • Parkland furniture across our campus
  • Tiered seating in the Upper Theatre


The College thanks the Foundation’s 2020 members:

  • Ms Bronwyn Baker
  • Mr Mark Balding
  • Mr Cameron Brown
  • Ms Kath Polglase
  • Mr Mark Stickells (Chair)
  • Bishop Kate Wilmot

(The College’s Director of Business and Administration, Mrs Melanie Mason, and Principal, Ms Belinda Provis, also attend the Foundation’s four meetings per year.)