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All Saints' College Junior School students

At All Saints’, we greatly appreciate the importance of a supportive community. This support is significant to us not only in terms of helping us achieve our goals, but also in modelling for our next generation the importance of philanthropy.
We see examples of this generous spirit every day in the life of our College – so many people giving of their time and expertise, donating in-kind items for the benefit of our students, offering funds for various causes and so on.
This support is critical in allowing the College to maintain the high standards of teaching and learning and our commitment to the continuous improvement of resources for our young people.
Like most independent schools, tuition fees account for less than the College expends on salaries, therefore, it becomes clear why schools like All Saints’ rely on the most generous support of our donors.



Below are some of the vehicles through which you can provide your financial support for All Saints’ College.

Scholarship Fund

ASC’s Scholarship Program is an integral way in which we can continue to foster diversity and excellence – two of the proud hallmarks of our College. To learn more about the types of scholarships the College offers, please click here.

Library Fund

This fund supports our Junior and Senior school libraries’ (Nexus-J and Nexus-S, respectively) initiatives and growth, specifically in the digital and STEM spaces.

Voluntary Building Fund

The VBF allows the College to undertake some of the important capital projects around the campus that are on our ‘to-do list’, but which may not have been possible due to the increasing demands placed on our finite resources. Recent examples include the air-conditioning of the Chapel, enclosing the Canteen, CCTV cameras etc.

Take a Seat

An opportunity to leave a legacy of your connection with All Saints’ College by donating a seat to the Centre of Performing Arts.


Leaving a gift in your will can help transform the lives of young people through a quality All Saints’ education. Please contact the Community Relations department on to discuss your wishes.


The All Saints’ College Foundation was established in 1987 with its own constitution and a Board of Directors charged with the responsibility of raising and managing funds for the College should it need access to these in times of financial crisis. To learn more about how the Foundation supports the College, please click here.

There are many vehicles through which you can support the College financially.  To discuss your wishes, please contact Ben Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, on +61 8 9313 9333 or