Innovation and Entrepreneurship

'Flearning', Entrepreneurship and Flexibility

One way we seek to prepare our students to make a positive difference in their world is by equipping them with the tools and skills to find and solve problems that are worth solving. Our focus on developing young people who are entrepreneurially-minded sees them developing innovative ideas for real-world solutions.

From their earliest years at the College, our students are encouraged and taught to identify problems to solve using an entrepreneurial mindset, and are encouraged and taught to be innovative and creative. Our commitment to ‘flearning’ highlights for our young people that every ‘mistake’ or ‘mis-step’ is an opportunity for learning, thus encouraging students to try new things and take risks. Further, a sense of playfulness allows for ideas to be shared openly and responded to with interest. Students are given agency to drive their own personal projects. Our Pre-Primary market stall and the $2  project in Year 5 are just two examples of  this approach.

As your child continues their journey through the middle years of Junior School, they are introduced to further opportunities to develop their voice and act accordingly. Timetables are flexible – they can be, and are, collapsed on occasion, and space is given over to students to allow them blocks of time for ‘deep dives’ into real-world problems within a facilitated and collaborative framework.

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All Saints' College Innovative Learning Session
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Innovat[ED] is another way in which innovative thinking is fostered at the College. A multi-disciplinary team of staff work with students in Years 7 and 8 to co-design the curriculum so that the class draws upon students’ own interests and concerns. At the core of Innovat[ED] sits problem-finding, collaboration and Design Thinking, a thinking framework used globally to develop innovative ideas and solutions to problems. 

Sitting alongside InnovatED is Propeller Industries, our co-lab and maker-space, our hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Working alongside partners such as Spacecubed, Perth’s innovation incubator and hub, Propeller offers hackathons and workshops that, for instance, bridge electronics and the arts, provides the opportunity for ‘deep dives’ (some are week-long) into innovation challenges, offers a speaker series for students to hear from leading thinkers and innovators from industry.

There is no doubt that All Saints’ College is a leader in, and committed to, innovative teaching and learning…and for good reason!  Research tells us that participation in experiential entrepreneurship programs positively influences attitudes and actions, helping students by:

  • cementing learnings from classroom-based courses and providing contexts in which to apply the theory;
  • encouraging a “have a go” attitude, reducing students’ fear of failure by allowing them to ‘flearn’ in a safe environment;
  • allowing students to experiment with entrepreneurship as a career path;
  • increasing young people’s confidence to succeed by meeting those who have started successful start-ups;
  • expanding industry and community networks well beyond the College;
  • providing role models in the forms of mentors and coaches.


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