HotHouse Company

Connecting students to artists, artists to opportunities and audiences to experiences.

HotHouse Company (HCo) is the All Saints’ College Arts innovation program that works closely with the Arts Department to provide engaging Arts opportunities and experiences. Working in partnership with artists and with a focus on process, HotHouse Company creates innovative experiences that empower young people and inspire audiences.  

HotHouse Company works across and beyond the Arts disciplines (Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Media and Music) to create opportunities that connect students, artists and the broader community. It is a highly collaborative endeavour focused on bringing the curriculum to life and celebrating creative excellence in all its forms. While HotHouse Company projects are intentionally diverse, everything shares a common strategic thread of connection.  

Specifically, HCo projects connect: 

  • Students to artists: recognising that significant amounts of learning occur outside of the traditional classroom setting. 

  • Artists to opportunities: aligning our collaborators to space, technical expertise and other resources that enable them to pursue their creative practice. 

  • Audiences to experiences: including, but not limited to, performances, workshops, residencies, creative developments, showcases and exhibitions. 

Learn more by visiting the HotHouse Company website.