Sport, Health and Physical Education

Providing inclusive opportunities that promote wellbeing and personalised growth for all

Our vision for sport across the many curricular, cocurricular, and community programs is to create a culture that empowers students to realise their potential and make a positive difference in our world.

In the Health and Physical Education Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 10, students learn how to enhance their own and others' health, safety and wellbeing, and engage in physical activity in varied and changing contexts.

Students experience a curriculum that is contemporary, relevant and challenging in a physically active context.  

Central to our goals is for sport to be a vehicle to create and develop opportunities for students to become good people and be effective citizens in the world. The opportunities we aim to provide give students the chance to work in a team, develop qualities relating to cooperation, commitment, fair play, and perseverance. However, the less obvious areas of problem-solving, quick thinking, respect and inclusion, tolerance and empathy are equally provided through the delivery of our program. Accepting defeat gracefully, learning from mistakes (or ‘flearning’) and working to positively improve self are essential life skills. SHPE at ASC provides unique and deliberate opportunities for this vital learning to occur.

Our students are also provided with opportunities for sporting excellence in a variety of sports, competing at various levels and ensuring that students achieve their personal best, whatever form that may take. This involves providing elite or knowledgeable experiences and rich learning opportunities so that students can thrive, and includes encouragement and support to those who wish to pursue sport as a pathway, either as a professional player or as one of the many careers sport offers.