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ASC building relationships

The All Saints’ experience is founded on an understanding of the importance of ‘looking out from ourselves’ to ‘Make a Positive Difference in the World’. To enable and empower our students in this vision, we provide a multitude of opportunities for our students to build relationships within and across year groups, and to make connections of care within our broad community as well as in the wider community.

Positive relationships are the cornerstone All Saints’ College philosophy, from our Early Learning Centre to our most senior years, and this culture is developed and based on the College’s lived values of Empathy, Respect, Integrity, Courage (ERIC) and The Leader in Me framework. Such key frameworks help our students grow in self-awareness while building a network of positive relationships with peers, staff, the College and broader communities.

The importance of relationships is established early in Pre-Kindergarten with a dynamic partnership between parents, children and staff. Children are then encouraged to reach out, forging wider relationships with students as buddies, and with staff, in other year levels.

The foundation for positive relationships with families is the focus at the beginning of each year with our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evenings across Junior School. We also value and schedule one-to-one meetings, with a focus on getting to know each child and family. This is coupled with ongoing dialogue between the College and home throughout the year, and this includes making student learning visible through SeeSaw.

The House system at All Saints’ provides a sense of belonging and responsibility to a wider group across the whole College. While secure with strong relationships in their Tutor Group, wider relationships are forged throughout the College via, for instance, our broad array of service opportunities which are curated by Catalyst, the College’s Centre for Service and Social Enterprise.

The College motto, To serve with wisdom and courage, underpins the rationale of our sequential and fully embedded Service Learning program, H3 (Heads, Hearts and Hands), curated by Catalyst.

The Dean of Student Wellbeing, Tim Russell, talks about the importance of relationships at All Saints’ College

Service Learning has a broad focus at the College: it sees issues of justice and ethics embedded across the curriculum, promotes optimised student learning and positive student wellbeing, and facilitates a connected community. Our program’s four-pillared approach is based on the concepts of:


  • Intentional Learning: At its centre, Service Learning is an educational model with educational goals. It is an instructional strategy that overtly seeks to meet learning goals and, in the case of All Saints’ College, to build an understanding of content which is studied through the Australian Curriculum;
  • Meaningful Service: All activities in our Service Learning program must be of real value to those being served, and must provide an engaging, meaningful and personally-relevant experience to the participants;
  • Diversity: We recognise that it is important that students are given the opportunity to gain a broad view and a respect for the diverse nature of the community, nation and world in which they live. Our Service Learning program is also based upon the belief that all students’ gifts, talents and interests are valued and incorporated into the way they engage with service;
  • Partnership: The last of these four principles sets the background within which all Service Learning takes place, that of working in mutually beneficial, ongoing partnerships that collaboratively work to address real needs within each of the communities involved.


With this in mind, our Service Learning program meets developmentally appropriate learning needs of the youngest of our students and grows with them as their needs, abilities and capacities expand. In this way, our young people are continually empowered and enabled to develop their potential to be connected, confident and compassionate members of their society, committed to active and worthwhile service in care for their community and each other.

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