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Senior School

All Saints' College student collaboration

An ATAR+ approach to education


Senior School at All Saints’, a proudly Anglican College, is an environment where all students’ are known, valued and heard. At the heart of the Senior School experience is Wellbeing and our core focus is on making sure that your young person feels safe and connected as they journey through the Senior School. Supported by a team of pastoral care and teaching and learning specialists, our structures, our pedagogy and our holistic approach is designed to recognise and grow the individual student’s talents and interests

Student choice and agency play an increasing role as your child moves through the Senior School, with personalised pathways brokered, then developed. Our ‘stage not age’ approach sees students offered advanced placement and acceleration where appropriate with a unique timetable structure in place to facilitate this movement.

Our ATAR+ approach sees students able to negotiate a unique pathway for them through Years 11 and 12. Every student enjoys a separate measure of success and are encouraged to engage in the vast number of social enterprise, service and cocurricular opportunities made available. Throughout all of this we have a keen focus on relationships, with each other and our families, plus committing to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at All Saints’ College.

Students are introduced, in more detail, to project-based learning, with a focus on innovation and enterprise and taught how to become both problem-finders and problem-solvers. The transferrable skills and capabilities needed in the future of work are actively taught through the curriculum and students begin to display their learnings from inquiry projects and other activity into e-portfolios which are living documents, ready for potential partners or employers to access.

The All Saints’ graduate leaves the College having experienced a wealth of opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. With strong values, a sense of responsibility to serve their community and success in their chosen pathway, our graduates, Old Saints, are well equipped to be excited and invigorated by how they can make a positive difference in our world.

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