Junior School

ASC Junior School students'

A Diverse Community for Young Learners


With over 500 students and 50 educators, our Junior School is a diverse and dynamic learning community of staff and students with a growth mindset.

At the beginning of your child’s journey at All Saints’ in our Early Learning Centre, students come together innately curious and keenly motivated to understand the world through their unique perspective. Play-based learning in the early years is guided by educators to inspire and provoke as students develop core skills and capabilities. As children develop, play becomes framed with inquiry, enabling self-motivated learning to continue through all Junior School years.

With their specific expertise in Early Childhood development, All Saints’ educators engage young students in a way that personally inspires and creates a sense of belonging, encouraging students to develop independence within a supportive child-centred environment.

Our educators listen carefully to the words of children  to understand their interests and to engage and motivate them. Children are encouraged to work positively through mistakes and to see them as natural in learning: All Saints’ calls this flearning, or learning through failing. And importantly, resilience grows as students learn through play, and enjoy the process of learning.

Within and beyond the classroom, authentic learning continues as students connect with their local area through the College’s Bush School, Outdoor Learning and Service Programs, becoming active and engaged contributors in the community.

Students are encouraged to find their voice and gather skills that allow them to effectively express their ideas, opinions and thoughts. These thinking routines once again help students to deepen their understanding, and The 7 Habits - with their focus on collaboration - enable students to operate independently and with increasing effectiveness.

Increasing developmentally, student passions and interests are explored through real-world learning opportunities inside and outside the College community.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals form a great launching pad with which to engage students in issues they are passionate about. Tapping into expertise from the College and wider communities, students develop a deep understanding of the issues before then creating their own line of inquiry that will ultimately have an authentic positive impact for change.

The Design Thinking Process, the Inquiry Framework and the Thinking Routines are effective tools to support innovative projects, and the students’ entrepreneurial mindset allows for innovative and creative projects. Adopting a ‘head, heart and hands’ approach, students also commit to making a positive difference in the world by thinking critically about, and empathising with, the wider community and then being empowered to take action.

While embracing leadership in Junior School, students begin to look beyond the Junior School and make further connections with Senior School students and staff.

Junior School