Years 5 & 6

Passions and interests are explored through real-world learning opportunities inside and outside the College community.

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Beyond the Junior School

Teachers Kylie Chatto and Eugene Wong describe the ways in which students are prepared for the move into Senior School through increasing numbers of real-world opportunities.

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A Wider World

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals form a great launching pad with which to engage students in issues about which they are passionate. Tapping into expertise from the College and wider communities, students develop a deep understanding of the issues before then creating their own line of inquiry that will ultimately have an authentic positive impact for change.

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Filling the Toolkit

We believe every student is a leader when they are proactive in their intention and behaviour. An understanding of the 7 Habits provides a common language across the College. Students draw on the 7 Habits to create their own goals, ‘find their own why’ and, in particular, to contribute to their Class Charter. This provides clarity for all and encourages personal responsibility to be a leader of self and to model leadership qualities for others.  

Frameworks for Creation

Students with a keen sense of purpose and an entrepreneurial mindset design and carry out a financial project that starts with a $2 coin. As part of their personal project, students generate income that is then donated to their choice of service partner – making a positive in their world!

The Design Thinking Process, the Inquiry Framework and the Thinking Routines are effective tools to support innovative projects, and the students’ entrepreneurial mindset allows for innovative and creative projects.

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Learning through small group activities
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Looking Beyond

Adopting a ‘head, heart and hands’ approach, students commit to making a positive difference in the world by thinking critically about, and empathising with, the wider community and then being empowered to take action. This might be with the Beyond Boundaries Institute, student focus groups, contributing to the College Reconciliation Plan or taking prospective families on College Tours. While embracing leadership in Junior School, students begin to look beyond and make further connections with Senior School students and staff.