Years 11 & 12

Our ‘ATAR+’ approach brokers individual pathways, with success measured individually and unique opportunities available.

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Beyond Senior School

Assistant Director of Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute, Jim Shackleton and Year 11 Teacher Vanessa Kirkham explain what the final years mean for students and how, together, we shape a bespoke pathway for your child outside of the College.

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Our ‘ATAR+’ approach recognises that, while the vast majority of ASC students strive to achieve the highest possible ATAR and are frequently amongst the top-performing students in the nation, the College plays a key role in ‘brokering’ for students a range of pathways, whether General, Enterprise or Hybrid. All pathways are seen as equally valid and important.


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Gateway Pathway

Students on a Gateway pathway are able to select a combination of five General / ATAR courses or study fewer than five courses and complete a minimum of a Certificate II.

Our programs are highly individualised, which allows each student to take greater agency of their learning and realise their full potential.

Students can achieve the Australian Quality Framework Certificate at the College, at TAFE, a Private RTO, online, or as part of a School-based Traineeship, and all contribute to the student’s Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Leading and Serving

At All Saints’ College, service and leadership provide the opportunity for our young people to engage in critical and creative thinking about the operations and culture of our community.

In addition to growing students’ empathy, the opportunities are designed to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as future employability skills. Importantly, as part of our child-safe focus, student leadership at the College provides the opportunity for the student voices to be expressed and heard.

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Keeping Old Saints' Connected
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Part of Something Bigger

On graduation, ASC students become an Old Saint – one of our alumni forever.

This opens up a world of opportunities to connect with other former students across Australia and the world as our young Old Saints seek their own unique path in life.

The College actively engages with our Old Saints in a variety of ways - including by way of an internships program – for mutual benefit, and we regularly welcome former students back to campus for a range of reasons, including to partner with, or mentor, our current students.