Years 9 & 10

A personalised pathway is available where student choice and agency provides a strong foundation for their senior years.

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All Saints' College outdoor education class

A Personalised Pathway

Learning is personalisable by the student and their family in partnership with the College. Senior School specialists Samantha Rees and Ben Basell provide more detail.

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Personalisable Learning

At ASC, we support a ‘stage not age’ approach to young people’s learning; where students can work at a pace appropriate to them and exercise choice according to their own skills, talents, passions and so on.

Such a ‘personalisable’ approach is critical for academic and wellbeing reasons, and is the antithesis of the usual ‘lock-step’ approach to education which, sadly, can result in so many young people becoming disengaged with their education, and struggling with their sense of self-worth.

All Saints' College student abseiling
All Saints' College outdoor education
All Saints' College Students hiking

Seeking Challenge

The Years 9 and 10 Outdoor Learning Programs provide a unique and immersive experience for ASC students.

Our Year 9s travel to the Kalbarri National Park to experience this unique environment which is the convergence zone of three bioregions. The philosophy of this program is ‘Slow Pedagogy’; going slow, intentionally, to learn what we can from each experience. Our specialist teachers facilitate many unique learning opportunities through which students develop self-confidence, self-awareness, relationship development, a sense of purpose and personal achievement.

The Year 10 Outdoor Learning Program builds on these achievements and provides the opportunity for students to select from eight diverse and small group programs across the South West of Western Australia.

Connecting and Serving

Students can take their place in the House, Arts and Service Councils, through which they are able to exercise leadership alongside their peers. Further to this, our Service Leadership programs are designed to grow ethical leaders who understand that service is synonymous with leadership. These opportunities include becoming Anglicare Ambassadors, Amana Advocates, Literacy Mentors or Nulsen Youth Patrons.

Learning online
Collaborating online
Online Learning

Profiling Capabilities

Students begin to curate their e-portfolios, or online platforms that allow them to communicate and showcase their skills, experiences and learnings. This helps students profile their capabilities for potential employers or partners to access.

The e-portfolios are personalised and contain artefacts that best reveal each student’s unique set of skills and abilities. Importantly, the students’ e-portfolios are dynamic, living spaces that students continue to develop well beyond their graduation from the College.