Years 7 & 8

Aligning with the core curriculum, 21st century capabilities are actively taught to help students confidently navigate the VUCA world.

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A Smooth Transition

Years 7 and 8 marks the beginning of Senior School and is filled with unique, curated experiences. Head of Transition, Paul Green and Years 7 and 8 teacher Leanne Winter, elaborate.

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Capabilities for Successful Learners

Aligning with the core curriculum, 21st century capabilities are actively taught through tailored subjects inside our unique Transition program and are designed to help students confidently navigate the VUCA world.

Bespoke content drives the exploration and development of key capabilities. Understanding these and where their strengths lie, plus being guided by their personal interests and passions, empowers students to drive inquiry projects that emphasise the various capabilities.

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Connected Learning

Our Year 7s are immersed in a unique project-based inquiry within a connected learning framework: Project Utopia.

Utilising design thinking techniques, this interdisciplinary class helps students develop a range of critical capabilities such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, communication and leadership.

Project Utopia connects students with ‘real-world’ experts who help our young people develop, iterate and produce a model city based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This hands-on course, utilising 3D printing, virtual reality, laser cutting and storytelling, culminates in a public expo of the students’ work.

Problem Finders; Problem Solvers

New relationships are forged beyond and throughout the College as a result of Service opportunities curated by Catalyst, the College’s Centre for Service and Social Enterprise.

Faced with the ‘real-world’ problems of our Service partners, students use design thinking techniques to identify and then solve these challenges. This provides students with a great sense of their own efficacy and agency, which is so important in developing their growing sense of self and positive wellbeing. 

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Creating Art

Project X

Project X is a two-year course that allows students to specialise in areas of the Arts and forge a personalised pathway, culminating in a bespoke project that delivers an authentic experience akin to that of an artist in the wider community. This approach harnesses students’ innate curiosity and channels it into a framework which aims to develop resilience, problem-solving, communication skills and ethical decision-making.