2012 WACE Results

2012 WACE Results

All Saints’ College students consistently attain outstanding academic results in the WACE examinations, and go on to study across all disciplines in universities across Australia and the world.

Our Class of 2012 is no exception, and we celebrate with them their many wonderful achievements.

We are proud of the fact that our Class of 2012 attained a median ATAR of 90.3.

Specifically, 52% of this cohort achieved an ATAR above 90, and nearly a quarter of our population (24%) achieved an ATAR of 95 and above – an outstanding achievement!

These results contributed to ASC being amongst the highest-performing schools in WA across a range of subjects, including Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Dance, Drama, English, Geography, Mathematics 3A/B, Modern History, Politics and Law.

We sincerely thank all staff who supported the 2012 cohort in the classroom and beyond throughout their time at the College – a tremendous team effort!

Year 11 student, Edward Yoo undertook the Year 12 courses of Mathematics 3C/D and Mathematics Specialist. Edward was awarded Special Course Awards in Mathematics 3C/D and Mathematics Specialist. Special Course Awards recognise that Edward had the highest combined marks in these courses. The ‘combined marks’ refer to the final school marks and the WACE examination marks. In essence, Edward achieved the top combined school and examination marks for Mathematics 3C/D and Mathematics Specialist, in the State. His final scaled marks for both courses were 100%. This is an utterly spectacular achievement. Course Exhibitions are awarded to the top students obtaining the highest combined mark in WACE courses.

Emma Randles and Monique de Vries achieved Course Exhibitions in Geography and Physical Education Studies, respectively. These top-of the- State students have earned our deepest respect. Certificates of Distinction are awarded to students who achieve a WACE course score in the top 0.5% of individual WACE courses.

The following students achieved Certificates of Distinction:

  • Amelia Arndt for English;
  • Rebekah Bide for Visual Arts;
  • Andrew Clarke for Politics and Law; (with a final examination mark of 100%);
  • Becky Gibson for English;
  • James Lewisson for Geography;
  • Giada Marani (Year 11 student) achieved a Special Certificate of Distinction in Italian;
  • Emma Randles for Geography and Modern History;
  • Monique de Vries for Biological Sciences and Physical Education Studies;
  • Edward Yoo (Year 11 student) achieved a Special Certificate of Distinction for Mathematics and Mathematics Specialist.

The following students scored ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) above 99, placing them in the top 1% of the State. We congratulate:

  • David Wu (99.75)
  • Jemma Kirke (99.5)
  • Emma Randles (99.45)
  • Becky Gibson (99.4)
  • Monique de Vries (99.35)
  • Andrew Clarke (99.3)

Certificates of Commendation are awarded to students who achieved a minimum of 10 ‘A’ grades in courses over Years 11 and 12.

We congratulate the following students on attaining Certificates of Commendation:

  • Danielle Carr
  • Madeleine Greenhalgh
  • Callum Jepp
  • Jemma Kirke
  • Jordan Korol
  • James Lewisson
  • Michael Myers
  • Emma Randles
  • David Wu.

Mrs Toni Dale

Dean Of Studies